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Edith's Farm - Our First Five Years

In 2024: We are planning for the coming season!  We love to have a combination of beloved flowers and varieties that are new to the consumer.

In 2023: We hired a Belle Plaine Future Farmers of America student to help plant, water and do other growing tasks. We added a second sunflower field, planted 40 peony roots, and built 12 raised beds. We have been cleaning the farm house and saving some of the original farm buildings like the barn.  We planted 1500 tulips and added 200 of another variety of daffodils.

In 2022: We began to offer our pilot flower subscription opportunity so the bouquets were ready to be received when they became available. Last fall, we planted 1200 tulips and added 500 daffodils.

In 2021: We planted more mixed flowers, planted the sunflower field and played with more bouquet making. We started to sell tulip bouquets and some mixed bouquets, but found we ended up with more bouquets than people were interested in buying. We needed an outlet. We planted 900 tulips that fall. 

In the summer of 2020: We started planting flowers at our family farm by just tossing sunflower seeds into what used to be a cow pasture and making that into a sunflower field. We experimented with mixed flowers and some vegetables in what used to be a garden I would watch/help my late grandfather work in. That summer, we offered a 2-day sunflower U-Pick event available to the community, the story was picked up by the Belle Plaine Herald. We spent time experimenting with bouquet making and that fall planted 500 tulips bulbs. 


Everything is planted and harvested by hand.

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